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Purple Latest iPhone 12

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Purple Latest iPhone 12

The new hue is a light, flowy shade that effortlessly fits in with the design of the iPhone 12. And, thankfully, there’s no price gouging here — it’s $699 for the iPhone 12 Mini and $799 for the iPhone 12. Both get the same paint job covering the rear side, frame of the device, silence switch and buttons. And yes, it extends into the Lightning port. It’s a nice color and sits alongside five other options: blue, white, green, Product Red and black.

Aside from the new purple shade, this is the same iPhone 12 that we reviewed last fall and that currently sits as our best smartphone pick. It’s a seamless experience from the moment you power it on, with no hiccups or noticeable slowdowns, thanks to the zippy A14 Bionic processor, which handles a wide range of tasks on the phone with ease. This isn’t the first time Apple has offered a purple iPhone. The iPhone 11 came in purple, albeit a bit more muted take on the color. The purple craze really heated up at the start of 2021 with Samsung’s Galaxy S21; this phone pairs purple with a gold accent, and we’re big fans of this approach. Galaxy Buds Pro joined in on the fun, and last year Samsung also offered the BTS Edition of Galaxy Buds. The iPhone 12 is a great smartphone, and this new colorway might complement your style or personality more. So rather than reword a full review, we’re opting for a photo walk-through of the oh-so-purple iPhone 12.

Lastly, there’s a purple version of the iPhone 12’s wallpaper. You can find it right in Settings, but if you’re hoping for a purple Lightning cable in the box, disappointment is in your future.


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