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Clients Feedback

  • They are absolutely professional and up to mark. They put their 100% efforts and accept every challenge.

    Sara Williams
    Sara Williams Finance Manager - Barclay's Footwear
  • Very pleasant and nice experience and will rehire again.

    Shaun Mike
    Shaun Mike Founder - Mike Consultants
  • This is the best IT company in Pakistan because they know the work very well.

    Tania Khan
    Tania Khan Manager - Silk Simmins
  • IT Lume is the most effective company and I'm very impressed with the work.

    Bob Hunt
    Bob Hunt Vice President - Beryans Shoes
  • They are amazing and very talented. I shall highly recommend due to their professionalism.

    Farooq Ali
    Farooq Ali Director - Hawetts Limited
  • I would like to hire them again and it was great to watch their environment of work.

    Bill Chown
    Bill Chown Supervisor - Gims Hike Limited
  • When I saw the working style, I found that they are best in their field. I appreciate the work and thanks for the quick response.

    Jack Mu
    Jack Mu Assistant Manager - Mushi Builders
  • Very pleased with IT Lume organization and I suggest this company. They work with great efficiency and effectiveness.

    Juliya Tait
    Juliya Tait Executive Director - Julian Consultants
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