Social Media Marketing

$ 299

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Facebook Page Creation And Advertisement (2,000 Plus Genuine Likes)

Twitter Page Creation And Advertisement (300 Plus Field Followers)

Google Plus Page Creation And Advertisement

LinkedIn Page Creation And Advertisement

Promotional Campaign And Reputation Building

*(Till 60 Days)


Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products or services via things like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to improve your online business. We provide excellent quality SMM Services at affordable rates. Social Media Marketing is essentially meant to drive that huge level of online traffic, specifically to your business. Owing to their ever increasing benefits, businesses have enlisted themselves on the social media sites.

1. Facebook – Over 105 million unique monthly visitors last updated.

2. Twitter – Major designs, policies and brands make way through Twitter

3. Youtube – In any given month 18 million videos are streamed in one country alone

4. Google+ – This gets the conversations going. The more the plus one’s the more you reach.

5. Pinterest– The emerging giant in the SMM world.

Social Media Marketing can

·         Complement your already existing marketing campaigns.

·         Increase quality traffic to your business website through social media networks

·         Help you build brand awareness and reach an expanded and continuously active market

·         Produce an interactive, personalized experience that will attract and engage prospects

·         Give you the opportunity to provide swift, responsive client service.

·         Allow you to engage with and retain clients.

·         Grow your marketing power

·         Return on investment

·         Target Right Audience

·         Enable you to share information quickly and easily without programming or IT assistance.


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