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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review

It really hasn’t been that long since the Xiaomi Redmi Note was launched, and in our review we found it to be a fantastic device for the price. Just like the Chinese giant’s previous launches, the Redmi Note set a new bar for the sort of features and performance one can expect in its market category. Xiaomi announced a 4G version of the Redmi Note alongside the original, priced Rs. 1,000 higher ….

Watch out: If you've got a smart watch, hackers could get your data

Hacker Could Get Your Data Through Smart Watch

They’re the latest rage in jewelry and gadgetry, but like all computer devices, smart watches are vulnerable to hackers, say researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Using a homegrown app on a Samsung Gear Live smart watch, the researchers were able to guess what a user was typing through data “leaks” produced by the motion sensors on ….

Apple Watch review

Apple Watch review

In Apple Watch review, we can imagine that it is simply good, but better suited on the wrists of early adopters and boutique shop regulars. It’s convenient but there’s a learning curve you have to overcome and a high price that some people won’t be able to get. New designs for a fall collection are available immediately. Gold and rose gold in ionized aluminum, new ….

best mobile workstations 2015: ideal laptops for business

Top 3 Ideal Laptops For Business

Few productivity decisions are more important and, in turn, nerve-racking than selecting the right mobile workstation for your employees. Making the wrong choice could mean saddling your employees with a bad computer. So what do business owners look for? A great display, computing power and exceptional battery life without breaking the bank. There are few ….

Best cheap tablets: top budget options

Top 3 Tablets

Here’s the complete description of the top 3 tablets. Currently, iPad Air 2 is ruling the roost as the best tablet in the world, but with prices starting at £399 and rising to £659, it’s clearly priced in a bracket way above many people’s budget. Apple’s sky-high prices mean those wanting a more affordable tablet experience will have to look elsewhere, although the iPad ….

Samsung Galaxy S7 tipped for dual camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 tipped for dual camera

A new batch of rumours hit the web over the weekend, giving us a few more pieces of the Samsung Galaxy S7 jigsaw puzzle. Quite a number of them confirm details we’ve already heard on the grapevine. Korean media outlets are reporting that Samsung is testing a dual camera system (like the one in the HTC One M8) – one camera takes the picture and the other scans for depth and other ….

Best Ultrabooks 2015

Top 3 Ultrabooks 2015

Ultrabooks have come a long way since they were first introduced to compete with the MacBook Air world. Below are top 3 ultrabooks 2015 and they’re thin and light while featuring powerful Intel Core processors, fast SSD storage and superb battery life. But more than anything else they represent the bleeding edge of laptops; case in point the side shrinking Dell XPS 13 and the unbelievably ….